Patro’s Sports Bar

Patro's Sports Bar and Restaurant, a casual dining establishment by Kinara Group of Restaurants, is located at the Parkland Green area along the East Coast Park. Serving an eclectic combination of North Indian and Mexican cuisines, the eatery is popular not only among families, but also corporate organisations who wish to host intimate dinner events for their staff 3and business associates.

The restaurant's seafront location adds to its laid-back and relaxed vibe where you could have a leisurely lunch with your family or unwind with a group of friends while enjoying some lip-smacking refreshing margaritas and other beverages. It also lives up to its cool sports bar personality by screening all the major sports championships such as football, cricket and rugby to name a few for all the sports lovers.

There couldn't be a better combination in a cosmopolitan city like Singapore – get away from the hustle and bustle and yet enjoy great food, ambience and service.