Kinara Group

The Kinara group of Restaurants is the wide umbrella under which 6 fine dining restaurants serving excellent North Indian and Mexican Cuisine are managed single handedly by the Managing Director Mr Raj Patro. This includes 4 strategically placed Kinaras( Boat Quay, Holland Village and Upper East Coast Road ) Patro’s Bar, a Mexican Restaurant at East Coast Park. The superb cuisine and hospitable service every guest experiences at our restaurants is a well-known fact in Singapore.

The Kinara Group has but one objective. To serve the finest possible North Indian cuisine. And to do so with finesse and warmth. The natural outcome of this philosophy is that the Group is moving from strength to strength, and has plans to extend its existing operations in Singapore and Australia whilst setting up new operations in India. Two Kinara Restaurants will be inaugurated very soon in Bangalore, India. Plans are afoot to expand into Bangladesh, Vietnam and China.

The Kinara Group has more than met its objectives last year. With the opening of its new restaurant Patro’sBar, the Company has not just expanded but diversified into the area of Mexican cuisine as well. After the success of the last financial year, Kinara was able to set up an operational base in India. This is a significant step as India is a strong emerging market and any presence there is bound to reap big rewards.